Are you part of a group that would love time out to relax, recharge and reconnect?

Would your group like to explore its creativity and develop some new skills?

Would your staff benefit from communicating better and resolving conflict?

Are you working with people who are looking for new ways of dealing with anger, sadness, loneliness, lack of motivation or loss of confidence?

In an expressive arts therapy group workshop, individuals are given the space and opportunity to explore their creativity through the arts, enhancing wellbeing, deepening awareness and developing capacities for constructive reflection.

The art process is accepted as therapeutic in itself. It takes us inward to a place where we are free from our day-to-day linear thinking – a place where we can reclaim the parts of ourselves that we may have lost somewhere in our busy lives or as a result of loss, a traumatic event or a damaging childhood.

Workshops offer the opportunity to experiment with a variety of art materials and to work across different art modalities in a relaxed, undemanding and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Participants needing time-out may find a workshop simply relaxing. Others may use the time to identify and confront personal or group issues and discover more productive ways of dealing with their daily lives or working together. Others may use the time to reconnect with their creativity and source of inspiration and so return to their work, their community or their home-life with a fresh approach.

I am a non-Aboriginal woman but I have had a wealth of experience working with Aboriginal people of all ages who have found expressive arts therapy to be a culturally appropriate healing practice, that fosters resilience, is capacity building and empowering.

I am available to run day, evening or weekend workshops to meet the particular needs of your group in your community or in Wollongbar. I am particularly interested in running workshops for groups of Aboriginal people and happy to come to your community.

To discuss possibilities or book a workshop call 0404 386 399 or email [email protected]